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“The present, future and our common interest in Valkonya” forum

Dear Valkonyians!

We would like to hold a casual forum, discussion for the people of Valkonya, about the questions concerning our village, several times a year.
I would like to invite you to this meeting in the hopes that it will be a permanent part, forum of Valkonya.
It will be held on the 24th of April (Friday) 2015 at 18.00 in  the “Culturehouse” of Valkonya.

The foreseeable subjects for discussion:

– programs of Valkonya

– information about the foundation of VACAK (cca. Valkonya’s Civil, Creator’s Association)

– information about the “Valkonya Treasure” founding process

– what is concerning us, the Valkonyians – free discussion for all

– anything else . questions, answers, whatever we can think of, concerning Valkonya

– evaluating the forum, deciding how often we should have it.


Everybody is more than welcome.
(we try to provide also a translator).


Gábor Hatala



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