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„L’abattage (par dance) de l’arbre de mai”



IMG_0797C’est avec plaisir que nous vous invitons à notre fête traditionnelle – „L’abattage (par dance) de l’arbre de mai” – pour le 5 juin 2016.

Nous attendons les habitants de Valkonya à partir de 13 heures au gîte pour cuire ensemble des pains au raisins et griller des saucissons que nous consommerons après la „dance”

C’est une bonne occasion d’apprendre à cuire le pain au raisins dans une fournaise.

Nous avons besoin de mains secourables – nous attendons tout le monde pour cette fête
(y compris ceux ou celles qui arriverons avec un peu de retard).

„Maytree dance-out” 2016



IMG_0797I would like to invite you on 5th of Jun 2016. for our traditional „Maytree dance-out”.

From 13 pm on we are awaiting all Valkonyans to the tourist house, making cake, baking the cake and sausage, cooking together, and afterwards to eat and cutting down the maytree.

We need all the helping hands, do not hesitate to come. If you can come only later, do not worry, we will welcome you.

Erecting a May-tree on the grounds of the Tourist House starting az 2 pm. on the 30th of March.

Dear Valkonyians

 We would like to invite everybody to our traditional may-tree posting which will begint at the tourist house at 2 pm on the 30th of April, Saturday.

There will be a traditional folkdance presentation under the (hopefully already standing) may-tree performed by the Zalagyöngye Táncegyüttes at 4 pm.

Erecting a May-tree – 2014

The males of the village, who are willing to help, will leave from the tourist house at 2 pm to select the tree, to cut it and to do every kind of really manly tasks. We ask all of our Valkonyians for their help, also in preparing the goulash, since the secondary school graduation ceremonies in the neighbouring towns are held on this day and many of our neighbours are returning to Valkonya only in the evening.

All the other activities connected to this festivity will begin on the grounds of the tourist house at 2 pm. We invite all the Valkonyians, wanting to help for a little bit of work, and together passing the time in a fun, good way. Everybody who can help, please let Jutka from the mayor office, know it. Thank you.

Hope to meet all the citizens in Valkonya on this wonderful Saturday afternoon and evening.

Kind regards from the council members of Valkonya.

Happy Easter!

We wish you all a Happy Easter!


Women’s Day

Dear Ladies of Valkonya

We would like to invite the Ladies of Valkonya to our Women’s Day event,
which will be on the 8th of March 2016 from 6pm in the Community house of Valkonya


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Merry Christmas!


There will be no water..

Dear Valkonyans!

There will be no water because of maintenance, from 8.00 to 11.00 on monday, septembet 7th.

Ludvérc festival – (first reminder)

Valkonya_ludverc0155Another year has passed & the time of the Ludvérc festival is approaching. Friday of this week, 28th meeting will be held at the „city cultural centre” at 18:30 hrs.

And on Saturday at 15:00 hrs there will be the usual hay puppet making /refurbishing gatering at its usual location ( Hársfalvi – Hatala yard) /

Looking forward to seeing you all both on both events.

Whoever can, are asked to bring used clothes, shoes to dress the puppets.

Jóska Hársfalvi offered, that He will make potato stew for Saturday

With thanks
Gábor Hatala

Heatwave warning, again!

hosegNational Health Agency issues a heatwave warning to the whole area of Hungary, from 17. 07. 2015. to 20. 07. 2015.

Heatwave warning

hosegNational Health Agency issues a heatwave warning to the whole area of Hungary, from 04. 07. 2015. to 08. 07. 2015.

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