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Erecting a May-tree on the grounds of the Tourist House starting az 5 pm. on the 30th of March.

Dear Valkonyians

 We would like to invite everybody to our traditional may-tree posting.

Erecting a May-tree -  2012

Erecting a May-tree – 2012

The males of the village, who are willing to help, will leave from the tourist house at 5 pm to select the tree, to cut it and to do every kind of really manly tasks.

All the other activities connected to this festivity will begin on the grounds of the tourist house at 3 pm. We invite all the Valkonyians, wanting to help for a little bit of work, and together passing the time in a fun, good way. Everybody who can help, please let Jutka from the mayor office, know it. Thank you.

Hope to meet all the citizens in Valkonya on this wonderful Thursday afternoon and evening.

Kind regards from the council members of Valkonya.